Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our 1st Day of Homeschooling

Well, it finally came...our first day of homeschooling. And I must say that it was absolutely amazing!! The entire process went incredibly smooth, and it was joyful for both me and Ariana. Although I was a bit nervous about homeschooling initially, I received a pleasant surprise when I realized how natural teaching my daughter truly is. It's like second nature and gives me such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I'm so grateful that I get to share the gift of knowledge with my precious baby. There's not another feeling in the world like it!

But the pinnacle moment came for me today when Ariana learned how to write a cursive "A". You see, Ariana was regretting for me to teach cursive to her. Her second grade class began learning cursive a couple of weeks before I withdrew her from school and she truly hated it. She couldn't get the hang of it, and thus, dreaded learning it everyday. So when I mentioned that I would be teaching cursive to her in our home education, she cried and threw a fit. That girl did not want to learn cursive in the least!

But today, I taught Ariana how to write an "A" in a way that was fun and that she could understand, and she wrote it perfectly the first time! (And every time after that, as a matter of fact. ) After her first successful cursive attempt she loved it so much that she practiced for nearly a half hour! She did not want to stop writing her "A's". ~lol~ I actually had to make her move on to something else. It was so beautiful and made me feel so good. I taught my baby-girl how to write a cursive "A". Wow!!!

Another cute little story about today is, a couple of hours after our homeschooling was finished, Ariana wanted to homeschool again....yes, in the same day! She told me that homeschooling was so much fun that she couldn't wait to do it again, and begged me to teach her some more. Isn't that amazing?!? A child that begs to learn!

I'm so pleased with homeschooling so far. (Although I am dead tired as I write this. ~lol~ Homeschooling is rather exhausting, but so totally worth it.) :-) Until next time....


  1. Glad it went so well. It only gets better as time goes on.

  2. What a nice suprise coming across your blog! Glad your first day went so well, homeschooling is a wonderful journey, may you enjoy every step of it!

  3. Thank you both so much for your comments and well-wishes. :-)

  4. well my 8yo daughter makes her a's in a way that drives me absolutely insane! please do share! :)

  5. Great to hear it went so well. Hope to hear more from you. I've just started homeschooling this past September and I am loving it!